I’m not in the business of trying to sell people on things they don’t need.  I will always give you my truthful opinion of what will benefit and work for you, generally after we have had a chat and I have a good understanding of your business.  Specific feedback is important.  Having said that, here are some of the questions that I get asked frequently, with answers that apply across the board.

“I only have a small business – do I really need a website / social media presence?”

Yes.  Yes, you do.

A website can seem like a big expense to a little business.  However in today’s online culture, without it you risk looking illegitimate and – dare I say it – a little out of touch.  The same can be said for social media.  Consumers want their brands to be at their fingertips, they want to engage, they want to tag their favourite businesses.  If they can’t find you, you’re missing out.

By the way, this kind of organic consumer engagement is free, qualified advertising from your key target market to others in their social sphere.  You absolutely want to hook in to that.

“Do you do that SEO thing?”

Absolutely.  Any online content that I create for you will be optimised to make it easier for search engines to find.  However – and this is a big one – I won’t be trying to pack 20 keywords into every 100 words.  Sometimes less is more, and that can be the case for search engine optimisation.  A continuous stream of quality content laced with keywords that are relevant to what people want when they find your business is one of the best ways to feed those algorithms.

Here’s some free advice – anyone who promises to get you to #1 on any search engine ranking is either not being entirely truthful, or is optimising your content using keywords that so few people are searching, that it is almost impossible not to land on the first page at some point.  Continuous.  Quality.  Content.  That’s the best thing you can do for your website ranking.

“You’re talking about proofreading and editing like they’re two different things…?”

That’s true – and they are.

Editing:  I’ll change your sentence structures to make them flow and ensure that the ‘voice’ is consistent throughout the document.  Words may be cut, added, or substituted.  I might change the order of your paragraphs, or re-write them altogether.  Typos and grammatical errors will be fixed.

Proofreading:  This is where I check the spelling and grammar, and make sure autocorrect hasn’t hijacked any words.  I will correct punctuation, and ensure that the content doesn’t say ‘anytime’ where it should have been ‘any time’.

The content for editing and proofreading services is provided by the client; my job is to make those words shine.  It’s up to you to determine how much of my help you want.

 “So what do you mean by copywriting?”

If you engage me to perform copywriting services, I come up with all of the words.  In all cases, we will discuss what you want to get out of the content that I create.  Depending on the complexity of the project, you may need to provide me with product specifications or other industry-specific terms and information that I will need to fulfil the brief.

“Oh my gosh, I have an urgent deadline and I need this content ASAP!  Can you fit me in right now?”

I’ll see what I can do, but I can’t make any promises.  Please keep in mind that all of my projects are scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis.  If your work is urgent or there is a short deadline that you need to meet, please contact me.  If my calendar is already booked up, I will let you know.  The best way to find out my current availability is to contact me.

If you really desperately need my copywriting, editing or proofreading services urgently (before the projected completion date), I may still be able to help you out.  However, short notice projects may incur a surcharge, as they may require me to reschedule other projects, or work overtime in order to meet their deadline.

“But you work freelance, so how come there’s an overtime surcharge?”

Freelance work is flexible, sure – but nobody wants a 60 hour work week.  I schedule all of my work carefully to ensure that I can fit it all in, and still have time to be a person.  If I’m going to do my best work for all of my clients (and I am) and be effective at what I do, then I need enough sleep and a couple of days off; just like anyone else.

“Who owns the copyright to the copy you write?”

Good question.  Until full payment for the job is made, I retain copyright for any and all work that I have completed, including any drafts that I have sent to you to review.  You may not publish, reproduce, alter or distribute any written material produced by me until I have received full payment for my work.  Once I receive payment in full – it’s all yours, kid.  However, I reserve the right to share the work that I do for you in my portfolio.

“How come your phone number isn’t on the website?”

Weird, I know, but here’s my logic: I want to gather all of the initial information about what you need in the most tangible way possible.  The best way for me to do that is to start off with a written summary, including the type of project, scope, size, and your contact details.  That way, I can look into your business a little, sort out a time that suits us both (so that we’re not interrupted or in a rush), and come to the table with a general idea of what you need and where you’re coming from.  Trust me, I love to talk.

“I want you to help me with my content – how does this work?”

Glad you asked!  Take a look at the process for working together, or get in touch if you’re already convinced!