SE-whoa! Hang on, what is this SEO business?

seo, lightbulb, seo memeSEO.

Your business needs it, if you’re posting online content you’re probably already doing it – but do you know what it is?

We in the biz get asked about SEO a lot.  Should I have SEO?  Can you do SEO?  Is my content SEO optimised?

For the record, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.  If you’ve ever wondered whether your optimisation is optimised, this post is for you.  Read more…

Target audience: know your people

Do you know who your target audience is?

Chances are you have an idea – but maybe it’s time to take a closer look.

Ah, yes.  Target audience.  We throw this term around a lot.  If you have a small business, you’ve probably given it some thought.  And it might seem simple; for example, if you sell, let’s say, maternity clothes – well, you’re selling to pregnant ladies, right?

Hm, well yes (I mean, that’d be a pretty solid guess).

But let’s unpack this thought a little bit, shall we?  After all, not every baby-mumma is the same.  Read more…

A strategic website review: you should do one

website review, strategic website review, blackwood creativeWhen was your last website review?

If it’s been a while, your website may be in need of a checkup.

Hey there folks!  We’ve been talking a lot lately about content marketing and consumer behaviour, so I thought it was about time we had a quick chat about the place you’re probably directing all that online traffic to – your website.  More specifically, I want to talk about how regularly you should be doing a website review.  You know, to make sure it’s up to date, accurate, and still working the way you want it to.  Read more…

Content marketing using EAST: timely online content

office space, online content, content marketing, marketing strategy, EAST theoryOnline content – are you online on time?

Oh hey friends!  Welcome to the 5th and FINAL blog post in my series about online content marketing and consumer engagement.  We’ve looked at how to make online content easy to engage with.  Then we explored how to make brand engagement more attractive to consumers.  Last week, we looked at how to make engaging with content marketing a social experience.  And today, we’re looking at the final element of EAST: timely.

Timely is about – you guessed it – engaging with consumers at the right time, in a way that is suitable for that particular time.  Have I said time too many times?  Read more…

Content marketing using EAST: social consumer engagement

grinch, social interaction, consumer engagement, blackwood creative, marketing strategy, behavioural insight theoryMake your content marketing a social consumer engagement experience

Oh hey friends!  I hope you’re enjoying my 5-part blog series linking EAST behavioural insight theory to content marketing campaigns.  This is number 4 – all about making sure your content marketing campaign is social by focussing on consumer engagement!  If you’re just joining us, feel free to start from the beginning – take a look at an overview of EAST, check out some ways to make engaging with your brand easy, look at how to make an attractive content marketing campaign, and meet me back here.  I can wait 🙂  Read more…

Content marketing using EAST: is your brand engagement attractive?

content marketing, zoolander, EAST theory, attractive, marketing strategyDoes my content marketing look big in this?

Hello, dear reader, and welcome to the third in my blog series about applying EAST behavioural insights to a content marketing campaign.  Today I’m talking about the second element of EAST: attractive.

So: what does attractive mean in this context?  There are some elements of the aesthetic about this, however EAST goes deeper than that – and so, down the rabbit hole we go!  Read more…

Content marketing using EAST: easy does it

easy, content marketing, game of thrones, everyone would do it, Content marketing made easy

Hi there and welcome to the second of 5 blogs relating EAST behavioural insight theory to content marketing.  Today I’m talking about the first principle of EAST: easy.

When it comes to the easy in EAST theory, what we’re getting at is simplifying processes.  Studies into EAST show that people (in this case, potential customers) are more likely to adopt certain behaviours if it is easy to do so.  Sounds pretty straight forward, right?  Read more…

Professional help: it’s what you need

help, professional, ask, professional help

Don’t be shy – get professional help

I’ve recently had some experiences with people around me trying to do everything themselves.  I don’t mean core business, where they are (hopefully) the expert – I mean all the other things.  The marketing.  The copywriting.  The (please no) design work.  While this is admirable, it’s not necessarily good business practice.  In fact, spending your valuable time trying to work on something outside your area of expertise may end up costing you more in the long run, than if you had just hired professional help in the first place.  Read more…

Don’t let your business become infected

sick, tired, drained, self care, take a breakFeeling awful? Maybe now is not the moment to work on your business.

So far, 2017 has defined itself – for me, at least – as the ‘Year of the Hustle’.  It’s all about doing more, being your best self, pushing through, and succeeding at the sacrifice of… well, pretty much everything else.

Today I want to advocate for something for your business that might sound a little controversial.

I’m talking about cutting yourself some slack.

Here’s the thing: when you’re tired, sick, or emotionally drained, it shows.  In a lot of little ways.  Sometimes in ways that you might not expect; like, for example, in your business.  More specifically, in the way that you feel about your business.

I’m not blaming the hustle; the hustle is good.  But if you let the need to succeed overtake everything, including your needs as a human being, you might end up resenting it.  Read more…