Professional help: it’s what you need

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Don’t be shy – get professional help

I’ve recently had some experiences with people around me trying to do everything themselves.  I don’t mean core business, where they are (hopefully) the expert – I mean all the other things.  The marketing.  The copywriting.  The (please no) design work.  While this is admirable, it’s not necessarily good business practice.  In fact, spending your valuable time trying to work on something outside your area of expertise may end up costing you more in the long run, than if you had just hired professional help in the first place.  Read more…

Don’t let your business become infected

sick, tired, drained, self care, take a breakFeeling awful? Maybe now is not the moment to work on your business.

So far, 2017 has defined itself – for me, at least – as the ‘Year of the Hustle’.  It’s all about doing more, being your best self, pushing through, and succeeding at the sacrifice of… well, pretty much everything else.

Today I want to advocate for something for your business that might sound a little controversial.

I’m talking about cutting yourself some slack.

Here’s the thing: when you’re tired, sick, or emotionally drained, it shows.  In a lot of little ways.  Sometimes in ways that you might not expect; like, for example, in your business.  More specifically, in the way that you feel about your business.

I’m not blaming the hustle; the hustle is good.  But if you let the need to succeed overtake everything, including your needs as a human being, you might end up resenting it.  Read more…