Drafts are like Pokémon

Drafts are super important.

I’m about to sound like a crazy person, but I promise you I have a good point.

Drafts are the stages of evolution your content goes through before reaching its final form.

Imagine your content is a Pokémon.

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In defense of networking events

Networking events.  Ugh, right?


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Over the course of my career, I’ve been subjected to the trial that is a post-conference industry networking event many times.  It is not my favourite thing.  However, the higher you rise in some industries, the more time you spend conferencing.  For example, by the end of next week I will have spent 5 of the past 10 business days attending conferences.  Which means I have spent most of those nights making awkward conversation with quasi-colleagues from across the country.  I can’t begin to describe how excited that makes me.

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Overthinking – the death of quality content

han solo, overthinking, content, copywriting, frozen Hands up if you’ve ever gone to write some content and just… frozen.

Maybe you spent so long thinking about what you wanted your content to say that you never made it past the first sentence.  Perhaps you couldn’t think of the perfect word – the one right on the tip of your tongue – and you couldn’t keep going until you found it.  Or at first you thought your idea was brilliant, but after 5 hours of staring at the same paragraph you found yourself wondering if ‘spontaneous’ was a real word, does it mean what you think it means, and why hasn’t anyone else ever noticed how weird it is to say?  Think about it.  Spontaneous.
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